Types of Emission Testers

Vehicle emission testing is used to ensure vehicles on the roadways are not emitting harmful toxins and vapors into the air. Yearly testing of the vehicle is required. If the vehicle doesn’t pass the emissions test, a new license plate will not be granted.

When you take your vehicle to vehicle emission testing centers, they’ll use a handheld gas analyzer to ensure that your vehicle is suitable for operation on the roadway. There are several analyzers that can be used to determine if your vehicle is safe to drive on the highway. A few of the commonly used handheld analyzers include:

  • Combustion/Emissions Analyzer
  • Biogas analyzer
  • Combustion/Efficiency Analyzer
  • NDIR Vehicle Exhaust Analyzer

The analyzer tool used to test your vehicle depends upon the type of vehicle that is being tested. A diesel-powered truck uses a different analyzation technique than a four-cylinder compact car and one different from a commercial vehicle. When you take your vehicle for emission testing, be prepared for one of these instruments to be used to ensure that your car operates as it should. The small, handheld device is very simple to use and provide digital recordings of the findings from the emissions testing performed.

No matter which analyzer is used, the results indicate problems with the vehicle that need repairing in order to get the vehicle in compliance with current standards. It is important that you take your vehicle in for emissions testing regularly and as scheduled. Not only will you be unable to get a new license plate without the paperwork stating you’ve passed emissions, but you also put yourself, family, friends, and others around you at-risk without the testing. Do not take that kind of risk when it is easy to avoid them with vehicle emission testing.